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RhinoPlasty Instruments Set (Gubisch Set)

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RHINOPLASTY INSTRUMENTS SET (Gubisch Set),  Consisting of;


01.    Scalpel Blades #15 - Sterile,

02.    Scalpel Handle, #7

03.    Surgical Operating Scissors, 13cm, Straight - Sharp/Blunt

04.    Mayo Stille T.C. Operating Scissors, 17cm, Curved 

05.    Reynolds Jameson Scissors, 14cm, Curved - With Fine, Rounded Points

06.    Adson T.C. Tissue Forceps, 12cm

07.    Micro Adson Forceps, 12cm, 1x2 Teeth - 0.8mm Tips

08.    Adson Brown Delicate Tissue Forceps, 12cm, 7x7 Teeth, Straight - Atraumatic

09.    Dressing Forceps, 20cm - Modified Swedish Pattern

10.    Nelson Tissue Forceps, 15cm

11.    Gruenwald Jansen Nasal Dressing Bayonet Forceps, 16cm, Serrated

12.    Gubisch T.C. Needle Holder, 12.5cm, Extra Fine

13.    Crile Wood T.C. Needle Holder, 15cm

14.    Halsted Micro Mosquito Forceps, 12.5cm, Curved

15.    Leriche Artery Forceps, 15cm, 1x2 Teeth, Straight

16.    Pean Hemostatic Forceps, 14cm, Straight

17.    Backhaus Towel Clamp, 13cm

18.    Dressing Forceps, 17.5cm, Curved, Delicate

19.    Gross Dressing Forceps, 20cm, Curved - With Catch, Box Lock

20.    Barsky Skin Hook, 15cm, Single Prong, Sharp

21.    Joseph Delicate Retractor, 17cm, 2 Prong, 5mm, Sharp

22.    Guthrie Double Retractor Hook, 13cm, Sharp

23.    Supercut Plus T.C. Mayo Scissors, 14cm, Straight 

24.    Supercut Plus T.C. Mayo Scissors, 17cm, Curved

25.    Supercut Plus Metzenbaum T.C. Scissors, 18cm, Curved

26.    Supercut Plus Kelly T.C. Scissors, 16cm, Curved

27.    Langenbeck Bone Elevator, 20cm, 7mm, Blunt

28.    Freer Raspatory, 19cm, 5/5mm, Double Ended, Sharp / Sharp

29.    Williger Raspatory, 16cm, 5mm, Sharp 

30.    Mckenty Raspatory, 15cm, 4mm, Sharp, Light Curve 

31.    Supercut Heymann Nasal Scissors, 18cm

32.    Supercut Plus Fomon T.C. Dorsal Scissors, 13cm, Angular

33.    Mallet, 26cm, Novotex Plastic, 240 Grams, 45mm Diameter

34.    Round Bowl For Solutions, 40x20mm, 20cc 

35.    Round Bowl For Solutions/Marking Color, 60x30mm, 60cc

36.    Round Bowl For Solutions, 80x40mm, 160cc

37.    Round Bowl For Solutions, 110x55mm, 400cc

38.    Castroviejo Caliper, 7cm, 20mm Measuring Range

39.    Desmarres Lid Retractor #2, 14cm, Medium, 10x14mm

40.    Killian Asept Nasal Speculum, #4, 90mm (Modified)

41.    Weil Blakesley Wilde Ethmoid Bone Forceps #3, 120mm Shaft, 4.2mm

42.    Freer Septum Knife (Mucosa Scalpel), 16cm

43.    Cottle Nasal Speculum, Delicate, 15cm, 55mm

44.    Gubisch Suction Raspatory With Guide And Bypass Hole, 20cm, 4mm

45.    Gubisch Suction Raspatory With Guide, 17cm, 4mm

46.    Cartilage Cutting Block, Teflon, 85x55x10mm

47.    Gubisch Cartilage Crusher, 65x30mm 

48.    Gubisch Kilner Double Nasal Hook (Alar Retractor), 8cm, Sharp, 5x10mm

49.    Gubisch Aufricht Nasal Retractor, 17cm, 50x6-12mm

50.    Cottle Gubisch Chisel, 18cm, 5mm, Graduated, Hollow Cut

51.    Cottle Gubisch Chisel, 18cm, 12mm, Graduated, Hollow Cut

52.    Gubisch Osteotome, 18.5cm, 3mm, Aluminium Handle

53.    Fanous Osteotome, 19.5cm, 4mm, Straight, With Guide Thorn - 1)

54.    Caplan Nasal Septum Scissors, 20cm, Serrated

55.    Gubisch Fomon Nasal Rasp, 20cm

56.    Rubin Septal Morselizer Forceps, 20cm, With Protective Guard

57.    Buchwald Tongue Spatula, 18cm, 18x23mm

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