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Rhinoplasty Instruments Set of 22 Pcs and instruments (one piece each of all instruments)

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Rhinoplasty Instruments Set Consisting of one pieces of all type instruments:,

1- Double Ended Nasal Retractor 15cm, Blades: 10mm x 7mm and 15mm x 7mm (Small)
2- Double Ended Nasal Retractor 15cm, Blades: 30mm x 8mm and 35mm x 10mm (Large)

3- BiPolar Jeweler Forceps, Angled, 0.5mm tip, 11.5cm long

4- Castroviejo Caliper, Graduated 0-20mm, 9cm

5- Micro Osteotome, 2mm tip
6- Micro Osteotome, 3mm tip
7- Micro Osteotome, 4mm tip
8- Micro Osteotome, 6mm tip

9- Septum Forceps 5.5 x 30mm Blade

10-Cottle Nasal Speculum 35mm

11-Cottle Nasal Speculum 55mm

12-Weighted Nasal Retractor

13-Cerkes Septal Morselizer with Tungsten Carbide Jaws

14-Rubin Septal Morselizer with Tungsten Carbide Jaws

15-Cartilage Crusher

16-Sheen Measuring Blue Grid

17-Caplan Nasal Shears, Angled, 19.5cm T.C

18-Freer Septum Elevator, Sharp/Blunt Tip, 2.5mm/3mm Length: 18cm/7in

19-Maltz Nasal Rasp. Upward Cutting 16.5cm

20-Lambotte Osteotome Straight 6mm Tip, 18cm Length

21-Metzenbaum Scissor Curved 15cm T.C

22-Hand Drill

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